„Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019”

§ 1

1. The arranger of the campaign is DAJAR Sp. z o.o. Połtawska 6, 75-072 Koszalin, Poland, Company Registration Number in Poland KRS 0000006818, Tax Identification Number: 669-22-96-668.

2. The campaign – is organised by the arranger under the name “Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019" under terms and conditions defined in the regulation.

3. This regulation define rules of the campaign.

4. The campaign is conducted by the arranger on the territory of the United Kingdom.

5. The campaign is conducted on the webshop DAJAR.co.uk

6. The campaign is not a gambling game within the meaning of law act from 29th of November 2009 about gambling.

7. The campaign’s duration : from 29.11.2019 till 02.12.2019

§ 2

1. A participant of the campaign can be a natural person that is 18 years old and with full legal capacity and is not fully or partly incapacitated in the meaning of civil code. Persons without the full legal capacity can participate in the campaign only with assistance of theirs legal representative that have become aware of this regulation and have accepted it.

2. Participation in the campaign is voluntary.

3. Every participant by participation in the campaign is confirming that he or she has become aware of the regulation and that he or she is fully accepting it.

§ 3

1. In order to benefit from the campaign one shall buy product/s from „Coffe & Tea” category in our shop.

2. The campaign encompass only new products, bought by a participant during the campaign in the shop.

3. Participant when purchasing products after using discount code BLACK2019 gets ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT of 10% from the actual price (sale products as well).

4. 4. The campaign does not combine with any other campaign or discount.

§ 4

1. In case of conducting the campaign against the rules a participant is allowed to make a complaint.

2. A complaint shall be reported within 30 days counting from the day a product was purchased.

3. In order to improve the process a complaint can be reported via email at [email protected]

4. Complaints will be investigated within 14 days counting from the day the clomplaint was reported.

§ 5

1. The campaign’s regulation is available at https://DAJAR.co.uk

2. Participation in the campaign means the participant has accepted rules included in this regulation.

3. This regulation and the campaign are subject to polish law and exclusive jurisdiction of polish law courts.

4. In cases unregulated in this regulation rules of common law shall be applied.

5. All advertising  – promotional materials are only informational.