Top-quality garden furniture, cushions and accessories.

 We use only the best materials in the production process and our collections are updated every year.

 Owing to our broad and carefully selected offer, both customers with a liking to traditional design and those expecting the latest trends will find something for themselves.

Modern Solutions For Kitchen And Dining Room.

We are pleased to present to you the Ambition brand state-of-the-art homeware solutions for kitchen and dining room. For many years now we have been catering for the most sophisticated tastes of our customers. We deliver to you articles that are indispensable in every home – elegant tableware, various dishes, cutlery, pots, kettles, frying pans, and all other kitchen accessories. Thanks to an extensive range of products everyone will find something for himself or herself.

The Ambition brand is synonymous with beauty and elegance. Original design always keeping up with latest trends and a really huge selection of kitchen and table products are our strongest points.

Owned by French ARC INTERNATIONAL (Arcoroc) brand inspired by latest trends.

Tableware, glassware, cutlery, and other accessories create the atmosphere of everyday life. French designers and engineers passionately creating state-of-the-art, functional, and unique products know something about that. The Luminarc brand draws inspiration from the latest trends. Innovative technologies, a great range of colours, unique shapes, and comfort of use are qualities that make Luminarc products really stand out.

Domotti offers articles necessary in every home. Accessories, kitchenware, and dining room articles at attractive prices.

Domotti is a perfect proposal for customers looking for really good bargains.

Jotta offers products connected with everyday house cleaning and also bathroom accessories, ironing boards and clothes dryers. Let yourself be surprised by pattern-designing following the latest trends, interesting colours of the products, and above all, by their comfort and functionality. You will find here high quality articles at a reasonable price.

Cleaning and house maintenance with Jotta will become even easier and more enjoyable. Finally, you will have some time for yourself and your family.

Walther Glas is a brand, which combines tradition and functionality by offering exceptional and very stylish glass products. They are not only very practical, but they also have a decorative function. Owing to elegant decorations and a variety of patterns, they are truly unique among glassware products.

Our designers, in cooperation with The Walt Disney Company, create top-quality china designed on the basis of the latest licences.

Special attention to detail and uncompromising care for the safety of use are what makes us stand out. A wide range of products is meant for both the youngest and older fans of Disney’s tales and films.

Along with chinaware, we offer melamine products and accessories for babies.

Pyrex is a leading manufacturer of baking and cooking dishes. Key products include: high-quality heat-resistant glassware, casseroles, bakeware with non-stick coating, and many more.

Arcuisine offers high-quality heat-resistant glass dishes, which make meal preparations much easier and time-consuming. Arcuisine products are available in various shapes and sizes, they are perfect for baking at high temperatures, heating in ovens and microwaves and they can also be used for freezing or storing food. Cooking with Arcuisine is a pleasure and it guarantees the preservation of the highest flavour qualities.