Gift Card UK

Gift Card is a practical and original idea for a gift on Christmas, Women’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, wedding or  Easter for those who you love.

If you do not have any clue what should you buy for a present or you are not decided on a choice of a gift but you want to make someone happy, and you would like a receiver decide, the Gift Card is a perfect solution. Thanks to the Gift Card the receiver can make a choice on a present on their own on our Internet shop’s website

Gift Card is a perfect gift for employees, business partners and clients you want to honor or reward. Thanks to the Gift Card they will be able to choose a present they would like to receive within the confines of the Gift Card on our Internet shop’s website The chosen assortment will be delivered by a courier to an advisable address.

Gift Card – Regulations

  1. Gift Cards are available in nominal values: £5, £10, £20, £50.
  2. The validity of the Gift Card:

          - 6 months from the writing out date (in this case the Gift Card has the date when the Gift Card was bought on it)

          - According to the information enclosed on the Gift Card (concerns promotion actions)

3. The Gift Card Gift Cards which is not used until the end of it’s validity will not be honored.

4. Gift Cards allow the owner buy in Dajar’s Internet shop on

          - According to the nominal of the card owned

          - According to the nominal of the card owned and additional information enclosed on the Gift Card (concerns promotion actions)

5. Gift Cards can not be returned or exchanged to cash.

6. Each Gift Card has it’s individual and unique number which allows to pay for the shopping made on only.

7. With individual and unique Gift Cards number you can do your shopping once only (pay for one order). If the value of the ordered products is lower than the value of the Gift Card, after paying for the order, the amount of money left can not be reused or returned.

8. It is possible to make an extra payment to the Gift Card if the owner of the card decides to do the shopping which overdraws Gift Cards value.

9. Gift Cards can be ordered on in Presents/ Gift Cards brach.

10. After ordering the Gift Card the mail with the confirmation and the nominal of Gift Card is sent to the Gift Cards E-mail address.

11. A proof of buyng the PRESENT CARD is (accounting note). The date of it’s writing out is also the date of selling out the PRESENT CARD and the validity of the PRESENT CARD (6 months) starts to be counted. (accounting note) is sent by post in priority letter.

12. The PRESENT CARDS are sent according to the customer’s wish – directly to the receiver of the Card (the owner) or to the person which buys the Card.

13. PRESENT CARD are send to the address specified by the Buyer - by mail at our expense (priority mail)

14. The person responsible for making the payment for the goods bought with the PRESENT CARD receives a bill along with delivered goods.

15. In case of losing the PRESENT CARD the owner of the Present Card is obliged to immediately report this fact by E-mail or phone giving the individual and unique number of the lost Gift Card. On the base of this report the lost Card is blocked in our system.

16. The Gift Card can not be blocked without giving the individual and unique number of the Card.

17. Dajar Company Sp. Z.o.o is not responsible for a shopping with the Gift Card Gift Cards which had been lost and was not reported.

18. It is possible to write out a new Gift Card (in the place of the one reported) with the same nominal.

19. The payment for writing out a new Gift Card (in the place of the one reported) is £2.

20. In case of returning goods bought with the Gift Card the owner of the Card receives compensation congruent with the value of the returned goods for renewed use in form of new individual and unique code. The code is sent by E-mail.

21. The base for the return the goods bought with the Gift Card is presenting a confirmation of buying given goods (a bill).

22. The purchase of the Gift Card and the payment made with the Gift Card is equivalent to accepting the terms of the Internet shop’s regulations by the buyer and the owner of the Card.