Producer: Curver

Kitchen storage container Microwave for steaming 1,2 L CURVER

Code: 82043
Technical data

Kitchen storage container Microwave for steaming 1,2 l by Curver has ben designed for preparing dishes in microwave using steam. Steaming is considered to be the healthiest method of cooking because minerals and vitamins remain in the dishes.
The plastic the container is made of is free from BPA and safe for health even after the heating. Comfortable lid with 4 latches that together with integrated seals guarantee tightness.
Inside the container is a tray with perforated bottom that enables water to flow into the containers bottom. The container shall be filled with water till the spot marked insideThe tray is removeable.
A valve located in the lid prevents generating underpressure – all you need to do is to open the valve before putting in the microwave. The container is dishwasher safe.

Dajar code 82043
Shape Rectangular
Collection Microwave
Material Plastic
Width [cm] 15 cm
Length [cm] 20 cm
Height [cm] 9 cm
Capacity [ml] 1200 ml
Color red, transparent
Pattern smooth
Microwave Dishwasher