Producer: BranQ

Portable toilet 22 l BRANQ

Code: 72955
Technical data

BranQ  is a new brand on the European market, combining the experience and quality to manufactured items for everyday use.  They should be functional and durable. Modern technology and interesting design creates the original products which help maintain order. The toilet is made of durable  plastic, has a convenient carrying handle.
It is very useful when traveling, camping, intended for use in areas with no sewer system.
The lid and seat are removable.
capacity 22 liters 
height 37.5cm
Seat Width: 31.5cm outer 
Internal 21.5cm 
Length of seat: 36cm Outside 
Internal 27cm

Dajar code 72955
Material Plastic
Width [cm] 31.5 cm
Length [cm] 36 cm
Height [cm] 37.5 cm
Capacity [ml] 22000 ml
Maximum load [kg] 110 kg
Color black, grey
Weight [kg] 1.5 kg