Producer: Ambition

Salad bowl Fusion Fresh Green 17 cm AMBITION



Code: 73522
Technical data

FUSION line comes in 4 trendy colours: cream, chocolate, pistachios, plum. Become the designer of your interiors and create your own colour combination for your new tableware. Choose and mix the colours to your own liking. Just one item is enough to give your dining room a unique character.
Fusion line is about   approach - just one line and so many possibilities, the most fashionable colours, creativity in composing one’s own tableware, fun in diffusing and combining colours.
Thanks to the enrichment of the line with additional items such as napkins, vases, candle sticks, bowls and table mats, you can create constantly new, fabulously colourful decorations.

Dajar code 73522
Shape Oval
Collection Fusion
Material Glass
Width [cm] 8 cm
Length [cm] 17 cm
Height [cm] 6 cm
Capacity [ml] 200 ml
Color green