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Set of 6 Glasses French 330ml LUMINARC

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Technical data

Luminarc is a brand owned by ARC International.French Luminarc glass is both about a wide range of glasses, platters, plates, salad bowls, mugs as well as dinnerware sets and heat-resistant dishes.
Luminarc products have been present all over the world for many years now, enjoying a widespread recognition in all markets, regardless of the model or colour trends prevailing there.
French - popular glass line, typical shapes and sizes at good prices. Made of glass, with perfectly smooth surface (non-porous). The type of glass and the shape given to the product fosters thorough washing and drying, which in turn the surface does not absorb micro-organisms or bacteria.

Dajar code 02329
Shape Round
Number of person 6
Collection French
Material Glass
Height [cm] 12.5 cm
Diameter [cm] 6.5 cm
Capacity [ml] 330 ml
Color transparent
Pattern smooth