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Travel sack Travel Black 32 x 41 cm ARRANGER

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A cover for underclothes, shoes and accessories is a practical must-have in your suitcase or bag during travels. It enables you to keep order in your luggage, so it is easy to find what you look for. Thanks to its simple construction, it is easy to compress and it weights very little. It protects from humidity, contaminations, dust and crumpling. Thanks to a net you can see what’s inside.
A sack made of PP + Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo Charcoal, due to its innovative properties, is called the material of 21st century.
The cover is breathable, it removes unpleasant smells (deodorization), regulates air humidity, it does not let water through or get damp, it is resistant to mould, it protects from moths, also it is antibacterial (perfect for those with allergies) and biodegradable.
Bamboo Charcoal is a proposition for those who care for health.
Length [cm]
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Bamboo, Plastic
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