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Own brands

Having our own brands allows us to create trends and adjust products to different categories of recipients. Thanks to this, our offer meets the tastes of both customers who value minimalist design and maximum usability, as well as lovers of sophisticated beauty and elegance. Our own brands also allow us to shape price lists independently - this allows our customers to enjoy really competitive priced products.


Tasteful household appliances solutions for the kitchen and dining room

The Ambition brand is the pearl in the Dajar's crown. Its strongest points are remarkable, elegant design and beautiful, sophisticated shapes. The name "ambition" obliges - each product, from innovative pots and pans to designer tableware, is created in accordance with the latest trends and with the greatest attention to detail.

Ambition Junior

Design and ergonomics for the youngest generation

Ambition Junior is a brand created for younger children, our response to the needs reported by customers. The collections of dishes made of bamboo fiber or porcelain are an interesting alternative to "adult" sets. Comfortable, functional and child-friendly, divided into versions for girls and boys, they color the world of the youngest and have an educational function.


Top-quality garden furniture, cushions and accessories

Patio is a brand that makes life easier. As a rule, we use only the best materials and the most modern design to create its products, which will steal hearts and make your rest pleasant. A constantly updated, carefully selected offer allows us to meet the expectations of all lovers of spending time in the garden.


At the junction of tradition and modernity

Domotti products help in any kitchen and at any time. They are so functional and useful that they quickly become irreplaceable in the everyday hustle and bustle of the house. It is an ideal proposition for people looking for aesthetic and well-designed, and at the same time really inexpensive accessories for their kitchen.


Decorations that build a mood

MyHome are additions and accessories that allow you to stylishly decorate the interior of your home and create its atmosphere. From carefully designed and matched sets of lanterns, decorative pillows, tablecloths and blankets, everyone can easily choose the ones that fit their interior.


Ironing boards, dryers and covers - simplicity can be beautiful

Even if hanging up the laundry and ironing are not our favorite activities, good equipment makes the work very pleasant. Moreover, when it is well and ergonomically designed, it makes it easier and faster to perform it. Velkea are ironing boards, dryers and covers that will make everyday life more pleasant!


Order and cleanliness

This is what the word "jotta" means in Finnish. This brand offers elegant and useful products for everyday household cleaning, bathroom accessories, ironing boards and clothes dryers. Jotta goes with the times - it surprises with its comfort and functionality, intriguing designs and an interesting color palette.