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Global brands - our partners

For many years have our offer included products of recognized global brands. Thanks to this we can offer our clients a really wide range of top-class furniture, decorations, household items, dishes and kitchen accessories. Are you looking for original home, bedroom and garden furnishings? You will certainly find them in the offer of global DAJAR brands!


Over 70 years of beauty production experience

The Luminarc brand is famous for the production of beautiful sets of tempered glass dishes. Always inspired by current trends, unique and practical tableware and dinner sets decorate every elegant kitchen and dining room. The original design and colors of Luminarc cookware go hand in hand with high quality and remarkable durability - its tableware is up to 3 times more resistant to shocks and breaking than porcelain.


Children's joy. A real ornament

We have an official license to use the image of a character from the land of Walt Disney's fairy tales. The images of Mickey Mouse, Minnie and dozens of other heroes and superheroes of the children's world appear on our dishes, cups, breakfast boxes and many other designer items made of high-quality porcelain or plastics. Long live joy!


Remarkable resistance, timeless style

An over 100-year-old brand that has become famous for creating glass used in heat-resistant dishes. It has increased resistance to thermal shock. Freezing, baking, frying - Pyrex cookware, roasting pans and lids can handle it all. In addition to exceptional durability, they are also distinguished by a sophisticated and stylish look. The basis for the equipment of any functional kitchen.


Glazed finesse

Pasabahce is a tasteful proposition for lovers of the highest quality glass. The unique design and finesse of designers as well as the masterful combination of aesthetics and ergonomics make Pasabahce products a pride of every table. The brand's collections are distinguished by high-quality workmanship, durability and variety - glasses, decanters, platters will prove themselves in various arrangements of home space.

Curver / Keter

Designed to serve

Design and innovation are the core values ​​of the Curver brand. User-friendly products are designed to make life easier and ... more fun. The brand's products are designed to last for years. The brand is synonymous with environmental friendliness - it is distinguished by the largest share of recycled plastics in the world.


An unusual mix of design and original materials

Nardi is a recognized Italian manufacturer of designer garden furniture. A wide range of products - from chairs and armchairs, through tables and bars to elegant garden loungers - is suited not only to well-kept gardens but also to modern and tasteful residential interiors. Nardi furniture made of synthetic resin is created by the Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto.


At the junction of tradition and modernity

Arcoroc is a brand with nearly 200 years of tradition, a synonym of innovation and professionalism. You can find here both classic, simple shapes and a slightly crazy design with grooves. Famous for their durability, stylish dishes, available in various shapes and a full range of colors, will decorate any kitchen. A must for lovers of a combination of modern design and longevity.