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Dajar is a distributor of homeware and garden furniture as well as professional articles for the HoReCa sector.We owe our wide range of products to cooperation with the biggest manufacturers in the world. We ourselves also specialise in manufacturing, mainly garden and camping furniture as well as ironing boards and clothes dryers.

Company co-creates 700-strong team of people. Knowledge, experience and systematic development of employees DAJAR provides all clients a professional approach at every stage cooperation. The basis of success is great attention to customer satisfaction, constantly anticipating market expectations and exceptional attention to the high quality of products and goods. The quality of the products, professionalism and modern technologies used in the production are confirmed international quality certificates: ISO 9001:2000, TÜV GS i EN 581 (PN 581).


Elegance, variety and above all durability are the undoubted qualities of the French brand products. In the 90s  DAJAR was one of the many distributors of the brand. The company survived the economic crisis of the 90s and in 2001, decisively defeating competitors has become a major distributor of Luminarc in Poland.

EURO 2012

In 2011,  as the only company we received licenses  for products with the logo of Euro 2012. In our range we have products made of glass, porcelain, as well as water bottles with the logo of Euro 2012. In October 2011, we received an honours  for the best collection of products licensed UEFA EURO 2012!


Ambition®   brand - remarkable household appliances solutions for the kitchen and the dining room. We provide you with products which are necessary in every home - sophisticated tableware, various types of dishes, cutlery, cooking pots, kettles, frying pans and all other kitchen accessories. A broad selection of our products means that everybody will find something for themselves here. 

The offers Ambition®  we Compose so as to best meet the requirements of the segment "kitchen and table." Dajar has in its offer also products  domOtti variety of products for the kitchen, but also for the whole house. In addition to a really good quality  always guaranteed the best price.


From years DAJAR is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality camping furniture, garden and swings. We manufacture our products in Koszalin and Miastko on total shop floor space of 15.000 m². To illustrate the scale of production can only cite the annual consumption of 100 000 km of pipes, is two times more than  the circumference of the Earth. Also we have our own Production  of stone tables and metal chairs - elegant, yet extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions. Our products are compatibile with TUV GS i EN 581 (PN 581) standards. Since 2006 our production is compatible with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

We are leading European manufacturer of cushions for all types of garden furniture. We can also produce bespoke cushions for  your order. We have a wide selection of materials, colors and patterns.

It should be emphasized that  DAJAR is also a distributor of garden furniture. The offer includes exclusive furniture from techno-rattan (PVC rattan), furniture wooden and aluminum.


DAJAR Sp. z o.o.
ul. Połtawska 6
75-072 Koszalin
Nr KRS: 0000006818
Nr NIP: 669-22-96-668
REGON: 003800675
BDO: 000000054

The company is registered in the District Court in Koszalin, Poland

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