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The power of style

Today DAJAR is the largest company distributing home and garden articles not only in Poland but also throughout Central Europe. Our specialty is stylish kitchen and dining room products as well as garden and camping items.

Openness to development and innovation as well as our own factories give us the extraordinary power to create products and implement the values ​​in which we believe. Our own brands allow us to create trends and new product categories. We reach new and ever younger recipients. We take care of them by developing after-sales assistance - customers know that we are there for them also after they leave our showroom or online store.

We are distinguished by 100% Polish capital and our annual position on the list of the 500 largest Polish companies of the Rzeczpospolita daily. For over 30 years of operation, we have already received virtually all the most desirable TUV and ISO certificates, as well as awards and distinctions valued in the business, incl. e-Gazele Biznesu awarded by Puls Biznesu or the Forbes Diamond. We also provide charity and sponsorship.

A witness to history, a designer of tomorrow

DAJAR is a peer of Polish freedom. We have been operating on the Polish market of household appliances, garden furniture and HoReCa products since 1989. The breakthrough moments in the over 30-year history of the company included gaining exclusivity for the distribution of Luminarc products in Poland, creating our own modern brands and opening offices in Hungary, Romania and China. As one of the first Polish companies, we launched our online store. Each of these events left their mark on our identity and allowed us to become who we are.

Dajar is people and people are value

Currently, DAJAR is not only ultramodern technological facilities (devices, sewing rooms, warehouses), but most of all people. A team of over 1,000 experts from various specializations design, create and make life-style products that are worth surrounding each other on a daily basis. It is a priceless capital that drives us and gives us the feeling of being a great, gift-giving family.

This translates into the values ​​that accompany us in designing items for the kitchen, living room or garden. Our whole life goes on in these places - here we play, work, cook and spend time with loved ones and friends. That is why, at DAJAR, we do everything to create modern and inspiring interior design and surroundings. This is how we win the hearts of our customers.

Company details

DAJAR sp. z o.o.
Połtawska 6
75-072 Koszalin, Poland
NCR: 0000006818
VAT: PL6692296668
BRN: 003800675
The company is registered in the District Court in Koszalin, Poland