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Salad bowls (270)

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Bowl Craft 15 cm beige AMBITION

CraftSKU 60431

Bowl Craft 15 cm beige AMBITION

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For dinner

The variety of available capacities allows you to find the perfect large salad bowl for salads, but also a smaller one for serving delicious homemade soups. In medium-sized porcelain salad bowls, soups in the form of cream or single portions of beetroots or salads for dinner are also beautifully presented.

For starters

Any party with friends or larger family celebrations will not take place without serving delicious appetizers. Perfect for this are sets of salad bowls for serving snacks on a bamboo base or individual porcelain or tempered glass bowls. Larger and transparent ones work great as salad bowls for layered salads, and in white or with patterns, vegetable, Greek or Caesar salads look great.

Warm breakfast

Delicious morning porridge with the addition of your favorite fruit tastes best in a small porcelain bowl - such a breakfast is a guarantee of a good day! A small salad bowl is also great for serving cereal with milk, which children love so much, both for breakfast and dinner.