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§ 1 The Seller's business activity
The owner of DAJAR shop is: DAJAR Sp. z o.o., ul Połtawska 6, 75-072 Koszalin, Poland, Company Registration Number in Poland KRS 0000006818, Tax Identification Number: 669-22-96-668, BDO Number: 000000054.
The Seller declares that he is engaged in the sale of particular goods by means of electronic communication, via an Online shop, making transactions without the parties’ simultaneous presence. The Seller’s offer comprises a product range of household articles and garden furniture.
For assistance call +44 751 330 5944 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

§ 2 Making orders
1.The Buyer shall be fully liable for providing incomplete or untrue data, in particular for providing either non-existent or other person’s data. 
2.The Seller reserves the right to contact directly with the Buyer while using electronic means of communication in order to verify the data provided by the said Buyer in the form.
3.Sending an order to the Seller shall be understood as the final order confirmation. A Client, making an order, shall conclude a sale contract concerning the ordered goods with DAJAR Online Shop. 
4.The Buyer shall be fully liable for any consequence resulting from making an improper Order, in particular consequences of: ordering things different than intended, completing the wrong number of things,  indicating the wrong place of delivery of the Ordered Things, etc.
5.Where the Buyer has registered properly, writing the said Buyer’s login and a password is enough to purchase goods. 
6.Each Order made in compliance with terms and conditions stipulated herein shall be the basis to conclude a separate sale contract concerning each Ordered Thing enumerated in the said Order.

§ 3 Bespoke orders
1.The Seller may enable the Buyer to make an order and purchase “Bespoke Products” specified by the Buyer. 
2.Bespoke Products – making such an order shall be conducted via e-mail or fax.  
3.Terms and conditions concerning making an Order for things, specified in point 1 above,  by the Buyer shall be negotiated between the Parties each and every time. Conclusion of a sale contract or sale contracts concerning Ordered Things shall come into effect upon receiving by the Buyer the Seller’s confirmation of the said order acceptance.
4.Bespoke orders shall be realised upon making by the Buyer a prepayment amounting to 100% on the Seller’s bank account.. 
The Buyer shall not have the right to renounce the Contract. 

§ 4 Payment and Shipping

1. Shipping fees are presented in table below:
1.1. £ 22 – on orders with value below £ 400.
1.2. Free shipping – on orders with value of £ 400.

2. Payment options:
a) Bank Transfer – a transfer on the Seller’s bank account either in British Pounds. Where such a payment option has been chosen, the goods shall be shipped after receiving cleared payment on the Seller’s bank account.
b) Payment Card – an option available only to clients making orders via the online shop after registration has been made. Available types of cards : Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard Maestro, MasterCard Electronic.
c) Pay Pal – an online payment system. PayPal is a convenient and easy way to realise a payment for the PayPal account holder. Where such an option has been chosen, the Client shall transfer the payment without incurring any additional costs. Moreover, the Client shall not be obliged to present the details concerning his credit card or bank account. Where such a payment option has been chosen, the goods shall be shipped after receiving cleared payment on the Seller’s  PayPal account.

3. The Seller shall issue a receipt or an invoice (upon the Client’s request).
4. The receipt and a waybill shall be found in a fold or a foil pocket attached to the parcel.
5. The VAT invoice original shall be sent to the Buyer by registered post.
6. The Buyer from the EU – The Seller declares that where a company holds an EU Tax Identification Number, it is possible to issue a 0% VAT invoice. Such a practice is in compliance with art. 42 section 1 of the goods and services tax and excise duty act dated 11.03.2004.
7. The prices of goods available in the Seller’s online shop shall be expressed in British Pounds and they shall include VAT. 
8. VAT, Customs and Excise duties are likely to be paid on top of the advertised purchase price.
9. If the package is not accepted, the recipient will be charged with the costs of returning the goods back to Poland in the amount of £17,80.

§ 5 Order processing
1. The delivery of ordered goods shall happen between 3 to 14 working days from the day of making an Order by the Buyer. Bespoke orders shall be delivered within a time period agreed on by the parties
2. Seller shall have the right not to accept an Order in part or in whole where the Ordered Items are not available. In such a situation, the Buyer shall be informed within 24 hours (counting workdays) about impossibility of accepting the Order within a given time period.
3. Seller reserves the right to refuse Orders which have been improperly completed raising the Seller’s doubts, provided the said doubts are not explained during direct contact with the Buyer or contacting the Buyer shall be impossible.
4. While performing all activities connected with the Order realisation, the Buyer is obliged to use the Order number.
5. The Seller stipulates that Ordered Goods may be delivered to the delivery place in multiple shipments.

§ 6 Delivery and acceptance of Ordered Goods:
1.Delivery shall take place between 8:00am and 17pm.
2.While accepting Order the Buyer is obliged:
a. to check the package condition immediately and acknowledge the receipt of a parcel.
b. regardless of the abovementioned facts – to open the parcel and check Ordered Goods condition at the time of their delivery, as well as to check whether the delivered goods correspond to the Order made and the contract concluded. Moreover, the Buyer is obliged to acknowledge the abovementioned facts.
c. The Courier who acts on the Seller’s behalf is obliged to wait until the Buyer, in his presence, checks the parcel’s condition and contents.
3. Complaints concerning damaged which was occured while transporting the goods shall be considered only if the courier or the nearest courier company subsidiary is informed about the said complaints ON THE DELIVERY DAY. Moreover, a damage protocol specifying damaged goods needs to be written by both the client and the courier. Complaints made after the said time period shall not be considered in 100%. Furthermore, the Buyer is obliged to send a copy of the damage protocol to the Seller.
4. Upon the delivery of Ordered Goods, all benefits and burdens connected with the said Goods, as well as any risk, including the danger of accidental loss or damage of the said Goods, shall be passed to the Buyer.
5.Couriers are obliged to carry parcels upstairs where the parcel does not exceed the weight of 31.5 kg. Pursuant to the carriage law, couriers are not obliged to carry parcels heavier than abovementioned

§ 7 Complaints and return of goods.
1. The place for making a complaint shall be the address agreed on with the Seller.
2. Complaints concerning the difference in the look of goods ordered and received that result from the Buyer’s improperly set computer parameters shall not be the basis for the return of goods.
3.The Buyer shall have a possibility to return the bought goods within 14 days without stating the reason for the return, provided the said goods have not been used, they are originally packaged, together with labels, and are full in content. In such an event, the Buyer shall bear only the costs of the goods’ shipment to the Seller on a previously agreed on address.
Apart from the goods that are to be returned, the Buyer shall enclose the purchase receipt, as well as a declaration of purchase resignation together with the name, surname, address, and the bank account number on which the money should be returned.
NOTE: DAJAR shall not accept any parcels shipped back as a COD parcel.
The Buyer who purchases Bespoke Items shall not have the right to renounce the contract.
Returns shall be send to DAJAR Sp. z o.o., ul. Różana 9, 75-220 Koszalin, Poland.
4.In case of card payment -  the refund will be applied to the card.

§ 8 Warranty for defects
1. While processing any claims under a warranty for defects, the Buyer is obliged to provide the Order number given by the Seller, as well as to submit a purchase proof. Moreover, the said Buyer is obliged to provide a written description of the disclosed defect, send the purchased item in its original packaging or, in the event the thing is not packaged in an original packaging, in a packaging adjusted not only to the features of the item, but also to the type of transport. Where the purchased item is not delivered in its original packaging, it is only the Buyer that shall be burdened with the risk of damage or loss of the thing during its transportation.
2.The warranty for defects shall not cover in particular:
- defects, damage, improper functioning or lowered quality of the goods purchased by the Buyer where they result from either accidental or intentional mechanical damage,
- damage caused by either careless or improper use of the good,
- damage resulting from third parties’ interference, including interference of a service unauthorised by the Seller or the manufacturer,
- damage in goods that have had their serial numbers or other signs allowing its identification removed.
3. The term “defect” shall not include maintenance, cleaning, change or repair of used components, consumables change, etc.
4. The shipment of goods complained about to the manufacturer or the Seller shall be possible only via chosen or accepted by the Seller courier companies. The Buyer shall bear the costs of shipping the said good to DAJAR. The costs of sending the said goods back shall be refunded to the Buyer only when the complaint has been considered in favour of the Buyer. Rerurned goods shall be send to DAJAR Sp. z o.o., ul. Różana 9, 75-220 Koszalin, Poland.
NOTE: DAJAR shall not accept any parcels shipped back as a COD parcel.

§ 9 Protection of personal data
1. The Seller undertakes to protect personal data pursuant to “Personal data protection” act dated 29.08.1997. In compliance with the said act, the Buyer shall have the right to access his personal data, correct it, as well as to make a request to stop using it.
2. The Buyer agrees and authorises the Seller:
a. to process the Buyer’s personal data by the Seller, or subjects to whom the Seller orders to conduct activities, that is necessary to execute contracts concluded by and between the Buyer and the Seller,
b. to process the Buyer’s personal data in order to inform the said Buyer about products offered by the Seller or subjects cooperating with the Seller,
c. to object against processing of the Buyer’s personal data in situations specified in art. 23 section 1, items 4 and 5 of the said Act. 

§ 10 Final provisions
1. The Buyer declares that he has familiarised himself with these Regulations before concluding a contract, or contracts, with the Seller.
2. Marking the “Accept” option shall mean that the Buyer understands and accepts terms and conditions of not only these Regulations, but also the contract concluded with the Seller. Marking the “ Do not accept” option shall result in impossibility of purchasing goods in the Seller’s online shop. Where the Buyer does not understand provisions of these Regulations and/ or contracts concluded with the Seller, the said Buyer shall contact the seller for assistance.
3. The Seller reserves the right to introduce changes in these Regulations. Orders made before the publication of a new version of the regulations shall be subject to provisions of the previous version.
4. All the matters not regulated herein concerning conclusion of contracts by and between the Buyer and the Seller and/ or  concerning the use, by means of electronic communication, of the online shop and/ or the Seller’s websites, shall be governed by applicable Polish laws.
5. All disputes between the Buyer and the Seller shall be settled by the common court of general jurisdiction for the Seller’s registered office.

§ 11 Bargain of the Month
1. Bargain of the Month is valid from the first to the last day of a given month or while stock lasts.
2. Bargain of the Month are called: “January Bargain”, “February Bargain”, “March Bargain”, “April Bargain”, and so on.
3. Goods available in the current Bargain of the Month can be found at DAJAR.co.uk in Bargain of the Month section.
4. Prices of goods from Bargain of the Month apply ONLY to goods purchased via the online shop DAJAR.co.uk.
5. Once the Offer of the Bargain is finished, it is impossible to purchase goods at promotional prices.
6. DAJAR Online Shop reserves the right to finish the Bargain of the Month at any time without stating the reason for such a course of action.