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Set of 2 deep plates Diva 22 x 22 cm AMBITION

DivaSKU 94666

SaleSet of 2 deep plates Diva 22 x 22 cm AMBITION

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Various use

Contrary to popular belief, deep soup plates are also great for serving pasta and even some desserts - the decisive factor in this matter is usually their height and having a rim. The lower ones with a wide edge are very often used by restaurants to serve fancy desserts, because it is the larger edge that allows for its unusual decoration.

Form and colors

Purchasing deep plates by the piece is a convenient solution when we need a set for a non-standard number of people or want to enlarge the one we already have. Another very original and increasingly popular option is to choose colorful soup plates with a rich design to combine them with the rest of the plain-colored dinner plates from the sets you already have. This simple procedure allows you to quickly change and diversify the appearance of our table setting for holidays or other special occasions.

Round or square

The shape is not the only determinant that we can follow when making a choice. Both deep round and square plates have various heights and rim widths, and some are even without additional edges. Another important determinant is the capacity, we will choose a larger capacity for a plate for serving soup, and a smaller one when we want to serve pasta in it.