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Garden Cushions

Sun lounger cushion Malaysia Liege 5 cm A035-04LB PATIO

SKU 465663

36,00 £

Sun lounger cushion Malaysia Liege A035-04LB pattern is a comfortable and decorative addition to a bed / deckchair ensuring comfort during summer sunbathing in the garden or on the balcony.
A quilted pillow (on the back x 2, on the seat x 4), filled with polyurethane foam (14 er) with a thickness of. 2.5 cm, wrapped with 150 g polyester fleece, ended with a 2 cm wide edge. It has a strap with length adjustment on the underside of the backrest and cords in the bend to attach it to the furniture.
Fabric: Loneta- thick, printed fabric, does not rub, does not roll, with a high cotton content (70%).
Cushion thickness: 5 cm
Seat length: 113 cm
Backrest length: 77 cm
Length [cm]
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
Depth [cm]
Cotton, Polyester
beige, grey
floral motif
70% bawełna, 30% poliester
Catalog price 43,20 £

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