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Bowl 13cm Trianon

Code: 00096
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Technical data

Manufactured by French Arcoroc, TRIANON is a classically designed line of tableware made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is processed by controlled thermal and chemical treatment and is stronger than regular glass. Due to its non-porous, stain proof, smooth, glossy surface tempered glass is 100% hygienic and anti-bacterial material.
TRIANON is a most popular, well known for its elegance and affordable price, line of Arcoroc brand. It is perfect for home use and catering industry.
TRIANON tableware is suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Diameter: 13 cm
Capacity: 460 ml
Dajar code 00096
Shape Round
Collection Trianon
Material Glass
Height [cm] 7 cm
Diameter [cm] 13 cm
Capacity [ml] 460 ml
Color white
Weight [kg] 0.26 kg
Microwave Dishwasher