Producer: Patio

Throw pillow Anna 45 x 45 cm L090-03LB PATIO

Code: 79740
Technical data

Throw pillow, double-sided Anna. Very comfortable pillow that can also be an important part of the decoration of your dining room, kitchen or saloon.
Silicone filling with small balls give the cushion elasticity, softness and comfort. The cushion adapt to shape of your body and go back to the original shape quickly.

Pillowcase with a zipper made of fabric Loneta- thick and chunky to the touch, it does not wear through or get downy; 75 % cotton content.

Dajar code 79740
Shape Square
Collection Anna
Material Cotton, Polyester
Width [cm] 45 cm
Length [cm] 45 cm
Color brown, red, ecru, pink
Pattern smooth, floral motif