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Plumi - Dining room (2)

  • Tableware
    • Dinner Sets
Dinner service for 6 people Plumi 19-piece black and white LUMINARC

PlumiSKU 00013

Dinner service for 6 people Plumi 19-piece black and white LUMINARC

22,90 £

The dining room is the heart of every home

The dining room is a meeting place for all household members, where we spend time together during everyday meals. This is where we most often receive guests and gather during larger family celebrations. The dining room should not only be functional, but also properly arranged to arouse delight and pleasant atmosphere. Particularly helpful in achieving both of these goals is to equip the dining room with the best products that will make everyone feel special and at ease at the same time.

Get the table covered!

Isn't there a grain of truth in the saying that we really "eat with our eyes"? Isn't it so that a beautifully presented dish stimulates our appetite and we want to try it as soon as possible? Yes, of course! While feeding our body, we must also remember about our soul. The right table setting is, above all, the choice of the perfect dinnerware, which will charm the invited guests during family gatherings and make us feel as if we ate dishes from the best restaurants every day at home.

Dining room equipment in your style

How to arrange the perfect dining room? It must be practical and exceptional at the same time, so that we feel that we celebrate the moments together with our loved ones in the best possible way. When choosing the dining room equipment, we should take care of the details, thanks to which it can be turned into one of the most designer rooms in the house. Well-chosen dinnerware and beautiful glass for the dining room will make the served dishes look amazing, and savoring them will remain a real pleasure. Compose your own and unique table arrangement that will delight your guests and allow you to drink your morning coffee or tea every day in a unique atmosphere.