Producer: Ambition

Consommé bowl 300ml Wave

Code: 61246
Technical data

Manufactured by Ambition, WAVE is unique collection of modern square / rectangular shaped tableware. This fashionable, elegant and stylish tableware can be used not only for special occasions. It fits perfectly to contemporary interiors.
Ambition WAVE line is made of white porcelain. A special manufacturing technology and an extra layer of protective material harden the edges and make our porcelain very durable.
Ambition WAVE line is suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Capacity: 300 ml
Dajar code 61246
Shape Irregular
Collection Fala
Material Porcelain
Function Stacked
Width [cm] 16 cm
Height [cm] 6.6 cm
Diameter [cm] 14 cm
Capacity [ml] 300 ml
Color white
Pattern smooth
Microwave Dishwasher